The Cycle Sunday Archives

Slow Food Cycle Sunday is an opportunity to connect—town folk and city folk, consumers with their food, people with the land.


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Articles from 2007 event:

Dave Steers' Photo album: Who was there?  Find out that it wasn't raining in the meadows!

Press Release: August 21: Summary of a great day out

Press release: August 14: Allies of Primary Producers Join Movement to Grow Connections

Newsletter: August: Find out what's in store for this year's ride

Newsletter: July: Start planning your stops!

Press release: July 30: Local Flavour to Infuse 3rd Annual Slow Food Cycle

Press release: June 12: Farmers Alamanac Looking for Local Know-How

"Sowing the Seeds of Social Intercourse" by Kevin Damaskie, Pique Newsmagazine : "We're beginning to make the connection between food and the earth again. You can taste a local food movement germinating. Let it grow." 

"Organisers Expect Slow Food Cycle to double", Pique Newsmagazine - "More people in the Sea to Sky corridor are paying attention to eating local food and global sustainability"


"Going Green in Pemberton" by Kim Thompson, Whistler Question - “Food is a major part of environmental sustainability in Pemberton and Slow Food Cycle Sunday showcases the valley’s best features, such as sweey scenery and gob-smacking fresh farm produce.”

“Wheels and Meals” by Jennifer Patterson, 99 North Magazine - "The furthest thing from a traffic jam, despite the crowds on two wheels. The annual Pemberton Valley pedalfest brings food lovers and bicycle enthusiasts together for an afternoon of deliciously carefree car-free living. City slickers and locals alike abandon their speed-obsessed fast-food cultures and come to commune with nature and learn more about where their food actually comes from."


"Spud Valley" by Andrew Findlay, 99 North Magazine - "Farming is something unmistakeably vital: people working to turn seed, water and nutrients into food that winds up on our plates. It's part of what roots Pemberton in reality and makes "Spud Valley" unique." 

"Fresh Stories", Tourism BC - For those eager to pay tribute to food and wine in this bountiful province, here’s a treat -- one can slow pedal and savour slow food August 19th in Pemberton.  Two-wheeling a rural route through the jaw-dropping valley, visitors will sample fresh fare and gab with the growers at the Slow Food Cycle Sunday (there’ll even be a shopping shuttle to pick up any produce purchased along the route, which participants can pick up at the end of the ride).  It is a delicious and delightful way to feast (and pedal) through the countryside.

"Festivals & Events", Vancouver Coast & Mountain

Articles/Footage from 2006:

Eating Myself Local:  a 6 minute documentary set against the backdrop of the 2006 Slow Food Cycle by filmmaker Andrea Wing

Pique newsmagazine - "A food cycle through the valley of your dreams"

Pique newsmagazine - "Festival takes root, spreads it leaves"

The Province - "19 terrific bike trails"

The Province - "For as Little as $30"

The Whistler Question - "Slow Food Cycle tshirts and totes created"

Pique newsmagazine - "Back to the Land Weekend"

Pique newsmagazine - "Finding My Way Back to the Farm"

The Whistler Question - "Pemberton produce in demand"

Momentum magazine - "Pemberton re-defines meals on wheels"

See what they said about the inaugural Slow Food Cycle Sunday 2005:

The Georgia Straight "Best Eating" - "There's more to dig in Pemberton than it's world-class potatoes..."

The Whistler Question - "August 21 event aims to showcase Pemberton Valley's agricultural riches"

Pique newsmagazine - "A slow cycle back to our roots"

The Province - "No Fast Food Here"

The Globe and Mail - "Seed potato growers hold onto roots"

Tourism Whistler - "Not a Farmer's Market"

The Georgia Straight - "Free Ride"

Pique newsmagazine - "Slow Food May be Just What the Free Thinkers Ordered"

Whistler Question- "Cycling trip aims to enlighten"

Whistler Question - "SlowFood Movement Comes to Town"

Whistler Question - "Get there fast, Take the Food Slow"

Pique newsmagazine - "Cultivating a Growing Industry"

Durango Telegraph - "Whistler Plans Slow Cycle"

Whistler Question - "Cycle Sunday draws 400 riders"

Pique newsmagazine - "Slow Food Cycle Sunday a success"

Pique newsmagazine - "The sensible side of Slow Food"